Vocabulary Teaching

Corpus-Based Lessons For Secondary Levels

Topic: Differentiating ‘switch on’ and ‘open’

Designer: Wong Po Yin (Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School)

Target Students: Secondary 1, mixed-ability level

Corpus Used: Word and Phrase

Class Duration:  Double lesson (70 minutes)

Lesson Plan: Differentiating ‘switch on’ and ‘open’


Worksheet: Differentiating ‘switch on’ and ‘open’


Topic: Unpacking the structure pattern of ‘suggest’

Designer: LONG Yun (The Affiliated School of South China Normal University)

Target Students: Senior secondary students

Corpus Used: SKELL (https://skell.sketchengine.co.uk)

Class Duration:  40 minutes

Unpacking the structure pattern of ‘suggest’


Topic: Differentiating ‘read’, ‘watch’, and ‘see’ in context

Designers: Wong Yui Wan & Xian Ruixi

Target Students: Secondary 1

Corpus Used: Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA)

Class Duration: 105 minutes

Differentiating ‘read’, ‘watch’, and ‘see’


Topic: Amazed vs Amazing

Designers: Ma Qing Angel; Lin Shanru

Target Students: Secondary 1 to 3

Corpus Used: Corpus Concordance English

Class Duration: Two Class Periods (35mins + 35mins)

Amazed vs Amazing

Topic: Spend vs Cost

Designers: Mei Fang; Zhang Yu

Target Students: Junior Secondary 2

Corpus Used: Lextutor Concordance

Class Duration: 90 minutes

Spend vs Cost

Topic: farther & further

Designers: Zhu Kaiwen

Target Students: Senior Secondary 2 or 3

Corpus Used: COCA

Class Duration: 45 minutes

farther & further

Topic: Differentiating “high” & “highly”

Designers:  Xie Yuqi; Gao Yue, Luo Xinyi, Xia Fang, Yin Hui, Zha Lin

Target Students: Junior Secondary

Corpus Used: COCA

Class Duration: 70 mins (double lesson)

“high” & “highly”


Topic: Differentiatingborrow” and “lend”

Designers:  Chan Tse Ying, Chen Yimin, Liang Zhucheng, Song Fangning, Zhang Xinyu

Target Students: Junior 2

Corpus Used: COCA

Class Duration: 45 mins

“Borrow” and “lend”


Topic: Differentiating cost, spend & pay

Designers: Guan Weizhong; Wu Tingting; Yan Jiahao

Target Students: Junior Secondary

Corpus Used: wordandphrase

Class Duration: 45 mins

“cost, spend & pay”


Topic: Differentiating five phrasal verbs with “take”

Designers:  He Yingyan, Zhong Ling, Chong Chi Hing, Au Wing Yee, Chan Fun Man

Target Students: Senior Secondary

Corpus Used: COCA

Class Duration: 50 mins

“take over”, “take against”, “take off”, “take apart”, and “take after”


Topic: Phrases with the word “way”

Designers:  Li Mengdi, Qian Duo

Target Students: Junior secondary

Corpus Used: COCA & Youglish

Class Duration: 60 mins

“On the way”, “by the way”, & “in this way”


Topic: Differentiating “hard” and “hardly”

Designers:  Li Linshan, An Siyu, Sun Ying, Zhang Ling

Target Students: Junior secondary

Corpus Used: COCA

Class Duration: 70 mins

“hard” and “hardly”


Topic: Differentiating “but”, “although”, “however”

Designers:  Cheng Zilin, Xia Jiayue, Fu Yanqing, Yan Ge & Shi Yongdi

Target Students:  Junior Secondary Form 1

Corpus Used: Lextutor (2k Graded)

Class Duration: 80 mins

“but”, “although”, “however”


Topic: Talking about Daily Routines with Phrasal Verbs

Designers: Chan Pui Man & Lau On Yu

Target Students: Secondary school students

Corpus Used: Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA)

Class Duration:  50 minutes

 ‘Lie down’, ‘Scroll down’, ‘Stay away’ & ‘Go for’


Topic: ‘illusion’ vs. ‘allusion’

Designers: HUNG, Wai Yee, Lui Man Yee and Lai Rachel

Target Students: Junior Secondary School

Corpus Used: Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA)

Class Duration:  40 minutes

 ‘illusion’ vs. ‘allusion’