Teaching Reading

Corpus-Based Lessons For Tertiary Levels

Topic: Using hands-on concordancing to teach stylistic features of political speech

Designer: YANG Jing (Chengdu Normal University)

Target Students: English majors (Undergraduate)

Corpus Tool Used: Antconc

Class Duration 90 minutes

Analysis of keyword list: “nouns” & “pronouns”


Topic: Developing students’ critical thinking by probing into meanings hidden in news analysis

Designer: TANG Jieyi (South China Normal University)

Target Students: Freshman in SCNU

Corpus Used: COCA; SkELL

Class Duration 45 minutes

Verb collocations & critical thinking



Teaching Writing

Corpus-Based Lessons For Tertiary Levels

Topic: Adjectives & Sentence Patterns for Expressing Evaluation & Stance in Academic Writing

Designer: Lok Ming Eric CHEUNG (College of Professional and Continuing Education, PolyU)

Target Students: College/University Students

Corpus Used: Corpus of Contemporary American English

Class Duration 120 minutes

Building academic vocabulary and sentence patterns in writing




Topic: From a Topic to an Essay

Designer: CHEN Cong (Information Engineering University)

Target Students1st-year postgraduates majoring in science

Corpus Tools Used: AntConc (3.5.7Version), WordItOut

Class Duration 90 minutes

How to develop a topic in writing


Topic: Reporting Verbs in Academic Writing

Designer: LIU Bin (Southeast University)

Target StudentsYoung Adults/Upper Intermediate (Sophomore and above)

Corpus Used: COCA (https://www.english-corpora.org/coca/)

Class Duration 90-135 minutes (2-3 class sessions)

Reporting Verbs in Academic Writing