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This website aims to:



Introduce a corpus linguistic approach to both pre- and in-service teachers as a framework for understanding learners’ language and as a practical guidance for solving specific teaching difficulties.

Develop the corpus literacy of pre- and in-service teachers by helping them explore new ways of English language teaching and equip them with skills and tools to develop their own corpus-based teaching/learning materials.

Developing teachers’ corpus literacy before and after training, helping them to learn new ways of teaching English and equipping them with the skills and tools to develop their own corpus-based teaching/learning materials, is an important aspect of the educational field.

Develop corpus-based teaching & learning materials for pre- and in-service teachers.


Disseminate the knowledge and corpus-based approach to pre- and in-service teachers.


Encourage EdUHK students’ integration into regional education communities by enriching their learning experience outside the Hong Kong context.


This site also serves as a platform where teachers can share their valuable insights and disseminate good practices of corpus-based teaching and learning approach to others who are interested in the corpus-based language pedagogy.



Apr 2020
Dr. Ma Qing, Angel

Word knowledge and usage are more easily accessible through corpora than other traditional tools, such as dictionaries. The corpus workshop series by Dr. Ma Qing, Angel introduces some free online corpora to school teachers and provides guidance on how to explore corpus data and discover authentic use of vocabulary and collocations. Corpus-based vocabulary teaching materials…

Workshop Series –
English-Chinese Parallel Corpus

2 Feb 2021
Dr. Wang Lixun

In this workshop, an English-Chinese parallel corpus developed at the EdUHK will be introduced to help teachers and students to understand the value of parallel texts in language teaching and learning. The workshop demonstrated how learning materials can be developed based on parallel corpus data to help language learners to compare the English and Chinese language…

Workshop Series –

26 Jan 2021
Dr. Rebecca Chen

This workshop aims at helping teachers to use learner corpora as a resource to work out pronunciation and providing teachers with examples of using learner corpora to design learning tasks. Dr. Chen will first introduce two international English speech accent archives and then share two self-developed spoken corpora. Several sets of ready-made…

Workshop Series –

27 Jan 2021
Dr. Jackie Lee

In this workshop, participants will be given opportunities to explore how to use corpus tools to enhance English language teaching, in particular, grammar teaching. The workshop will first give an overview of corpora in terms of accessibility. It will then discuss how corpus-based data can enhance lexico-grammar instruction and self-study. Examples of how to…