Teaching Activities Suggested
By Other Researchers

Courses available to the general public: 



Moodle course: 


This is a free online course presenting multiple applications of corpora in language teaching and learning created by Agnieszka Leńko-Szymańska at the Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw. The courses will lead you step by step through several free online corpora and corpus tools. An emphasis will be placed on the demonstration and preparation of corpus-based teaching materials and class activities.

An example of corpus-based activity adapted from the captioned website:



Book: Using Corpora in the Language Classroom

Author: Randi Reppen





This is a teacher-friendly book written by Prof. Randi Reppen at Northern Arizona University, Applied Linguistics, demystifying corpus linguistics with clear explanations, examples and hands- on class activities. This book also shows teachers how to use online corpora and corpus tools to address specific teaching difficulties and create corpus-based classroom materials and activities.


Two sample corpus-based activities adapted from the book:

Sample activity 1 (lexical bundles, raise awareness through focused listening):

  • 1. Ask each student to pick 5 lexical bundles found in classroom teaching.
  • 2. Ask ss either to listen to an academic lecture online or visit an academic class and note each time the bundles that they selected were used.

Sample activity 2 (follow-up activity):

  • 1. Look at the different purposes the bundles perform. ( e.g. some bundles are clearly providing a macro structure for class expectations, such as you know if you; you look at the; and how many of you.)
  • 2. (option) the teacher look up these classroom verb bundles in the lectures that are available online from the MICASE site. Once ss have looked at KWICs from the MICASE site, answer the following question: 
    What do the contexts of use for these classroom bundles look like?
  • 3. Divide ss into teams to look up sets of bundles and then report on their use.