AI-enhanced CBLP lessons

AI-enhanced CBLP Lessons For Primary Levels

Topic: Story “The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse”

Designers:  Liu Yanni; LIN Ruiling; Li Jialu; Su Yangyang; Xiao Hanfang; Zhou Jingjing; Liu Jing

Target Students:  Primary 3

Corpus Used: Lextutor Concordance: Children Stories (947k) and BNC Spoken sampler (1 m)

Class Duration: 80 minutes

“some” and “any”


Topic: Alice in Wonderland

Designers:  Han Zhuolan; He Bier; Lang Ran; Liu Xi; Tan Yuanni

Target Students:  Primary 6

Corpus Used: COCA (Corpus of Contemporary American English)

Class Duration: 80 minutes

“look”, “see” and “watch”

AI-enhanced CBLP Lessons For Secondary Levels

Topic: Environment

Designers:  Luo Shuqing; Wang Nuo; Xie Kaishan; Zhao Ruifan; Chen Guanxu; Wen Qingpeng; Liu Jing

Target Students:  Secondary (Junior form 2 or 3)

Corpus Used: COCA

Class Duration: 70 minutes

“Preserve” vs. “Conserve”

AI-enhanced CBLP Lessons For Tertiery Levels

Topic: Increasing Vocabulary Power for Writing through Differentiating Confusing Word Pairs

Designers:  Dr. Cheung Lok Ming Eric & Ms. Lau Shuk Yiu Sylvia

Target Students:  Undergraduate Social Sciences Students

Corpus Used: SkELL, Netspeak, Corpus of Journal Articles 2014 (RCPCE PolyU)

Class Duration: 100 minutes

“Affect” vs. “Effect”, “Impact” vs. “Influence”

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