Twelfth Sharing Session (17 Dec 2021)

CoP Project Sharing Session Series

Twelfth Sharing Session

Date: 17 December 2021 (Friday)

Time: 11:00am-12:30pm

Mode: Online by ZOOM

Invited Talk Speaker: Prof Lan Yu-ju (National Taiwan Normal University)

Title: Enhancing language learners’ autonomy through creation and exploration in virtual environments


Learner autonomy is the ability to take charge of one’s learning. It involves the skills of reflection and analysis. Autonomous learners reflectively engage in their learning. They perform their duties of learning by planning, monitoring and evaluating their learning progress. They become more independent and responsible. As a result, an autonomous learner does not suffer from a lack of learning motivation. Moreover, they are usually willing to task risks during the learning process in a proactive attitude. In this talk, firstly, the theoretical foundation of learner autonomy, virtual reality for language learning, and learning by creation will be introduced. Next, the functions of a 3D authoring tool, Omni-immersion vision (OIV), and the methods of using it as a medium for enhancing students’ creation and FL learning will be introduced. Finally, the potential applications of OIV in FL education and research will be suggested.


Dr. Yu-Ju Lan is a Professor at National Taiwan Normal University. She is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Educational Technology & Society and on the editorial board of Language Learning & Technology. Her research interests include TELL, language learning in virtual worlds, mobile learning, and online synchronous teacher training.

Sharing Session Presenter: Ms Lee Ching Lam (ELE, EdUHK)

Title: Enhancing learning of academic English with a gamified mobile learning application


‘EAP Kingdom’ is a mobile learning app designed for students of English for Academic English I and II at the Education University of Hong Kong. Taking advantage of the affordances of ubiquitous technologies and gamification elements, the app has been able to encourage students to learn outside class time in engaging and enjoyable ways. In this sharing session, the main features of the app and its design rationale will be introduced. Perceptions of students and instructors will also be shared to explore potential benefits and reveal issues encountered. Through this sharing session, it is hoped that insights gained from developing this app can help to guide future design and implementation of similar learning apps.


Ms. LEE Ching Lam Jessica is a lecturer from the Department of English Language Education and the Programme Leader of Professional Development Programmes (English). In recent years, she has been actively engaged in different initiatives conducive to the development and promotion of technology-enhanced language learning and teaching.