Information About the E-portfolio Competition 2021


  1. To promote technology-enhanced language learning
  2. To share students’ experiences in using technologies to enhance language learning



ALL university students who have experiences in using technologies to enhance language learning.



Participation award

Each participant will receive a merit certificate for joining the competition.

Prizes for best e-portfolios

The best e-portfolios will be awarded certificates and special prizes. There will be one 1st prize (512GB USB drive worth around HKD900), two 2nd prizes (256GB USB drive worth around HKD600), and five 3rd prizes (128GB USB drive worth around HKD300).

*The e-portfolio has to meet the requirements (see instructions below)


How to participate

You may click below to register for the competition by 15 April 2021.

Registration Link:

A confirmation email will be sent to you after you have registered for the competition.



  1. Create an e-portfolio using any platform (e.g., Google Sites, Weebly, Wix, Mahara, Sway, etc.).
  2. Write a review (at least 200 words) explaining how you use e-resources/tools (e.g., language learning mobile app/language learning website/social media/online videos/online news/online radio/podcasts/corpus, etc.) to enhance your language learning.
  3. Write a personal reflection (at least 200 words) on how technologies enhance your language learning.
  4. Include relevant images (i.e., screenshots of the mobile app/learning website/learning software, etc.) and short video clips about the e-resources/tools you use so as to illustrate your own learning experiences in your portfolio.
  5. Please use English to write the review and the reflection, unless there are special reasons for using other languages. You can speak in English or Cantonese/Putonghua when recording the video, and you need to provide a transcript of your speech and show it under the video (or create subtitles for the video).

A sample e-portfolio for reference:


Deadline for submission

11:59p.m., Thursday, 10 June 2021


Share your e-portfolio link with Ms Wong Lai Kwan (Tel: 96875445), and send her the e-copy of the receipt(s) of the app(s) you purchased as well (if any). The e-portfolios will be shared on our project website later:


Assessment Criteria

The e-portfolios will be assessed in the following four areas: CONTENT, LAYOUT, ORGANIZATION and LANGUAGE.



  1. Initial grading: Dr Wang Lixun & Dr Chen Hsueh Chu Rebecca of the LML Department (project principal investigators)
  1. Endorsement: Other co-investigators of the Cop project T0233


Announcement of Results

End of June 2021