Fifth Sharing Session (15 Mar 2021)

CoP Project Sharing Session Series

Fifth Sharing Session

Date: 15 March 2021 (Monday)

Time: 3:00-4:00pm

Mode: Online by ZOOM

First Speaker: Dr Yu Baohua (ELE, EdUHK)

Title: Collaborative Digital Storytelling: An Effective Technology-Integrated Approach for Experiential Learning


Along with the accelerating importance of integrating technology into English language education, this digital storytelling project has not only provided a rich experiential learning for preservice teachers where technology is displayed as a mediating tool for producing digital stories, but also allowed the preservice teachers to apply the self-produced digital stories to primary students in local schools. In-depth interviews with pre-service teachers show that this collaborative digital storytelling project can enhance the digital literacy, communicative competence as well as professional development of the participants. Implications for integrating technology into the curriculum and instructional design of English language teaching are discussed.


Dr. Yu Baohua is an Assistant Professor at the Department of English Language Education of the Education University of Hong Kong. Her research fields cover self-regulated learning, technology-enhanced language education, cross-cultural adaptation of international students and intercultural communication. Dr. Yu has published widely in international refereed journals and she is currently an Associate Editor of Educational Studies.

Second Speaker: Ms Chow Wing Yee Cherry (CLE, EdUHK)

Title: Motivating students in the English classroom with technology


Enhancing second language learners’ motivation in English in the language classroom has always been the main challenge among teachers. However, it is vital for one to understand that technology is only a tool for facilitating teaching and learning, rather than the focus of the lesson. Various technological tools allow teachers and students to communicate and build closer relationship. This can then be one of the incentives for students to be more attentive in class and their learners’ autonomy could be developed. It is suggested that technologies can play an important role before the commencement of an English course, during every class and after each teaching session in motivating students.


Cherry Chow is a lecturer at the Centre for Language in Education. She has been teaching different English language enhancement courses for students from various disciplines. She is interested in motivating students and eager to enhance her professional development and teaching pedagogy.