Sharing Sessions

CoP Project Sharing Session Series


Session Speaker Title

First Sharing Session (4 Sep 2020)

Dr Tim Taylor (EdUHK)

Second Sharing Session (14 Oct 2020)

Ms Mao Qunfan Desiree (EdUHK)


Ms Alice Moulimois (EdUHK)

Holistic flipped classroom model in ELT: Exploring learner engagement and autonomy in an English enhancement course for early childhood education pre-service teachers

French Level 1 mini-MOOC: sharing on blended teaching and learning

Third Sharing Session (20 Nov 2020)

Dr Chan Hang Joshua & Miss Cheuk Hiu Ngai Jessica (HKBU) Technology & poetry, innovation & tradition: Pathway to designing an English app that integrates theory and practice

Fourth Sharing Session (12 Jan 2021)

Dr Ma Qing Angel (LML, EdUHK)

Dr Tse Chun Yip (CLE, EdUHK)

Using Nearpod to engage students and conduct formative assessment in online teaching

如何運用「同理心」及「影片式 (Video-based) 教學策略」為學生設計網上自學教材

Fifth Sharing Session (15 Mar 2021)

Dr Yu Baohua (ELE, EdUHK)

Ms Chow Wing Yee Cherry (CLE, EdUHK)

Collaborative Digital Storytelling: An Effective Technology-Integrated Approach for Experiential Learning

Motivating students in the English classroom with technology

Sixth Sharing Session (21 Apr 2021)

Dr Lee Fung King Jackie (LML, EdUHK)

Dr Chen Hsueh Chu Rebecca (LML, EdUHK)

Integrating E-learning Tools in Grammar Classes

Innovations in Pronunciation Teaching and Learning via Learner Corpora of
English and Mandarin

Seventh Sharing Session (17 May 2021)


Dr Chin-Hsi Lin (HKU)

Dr Chun Lai (HKU)

The Design of Online Language Courses

Affordance of Technological Resources for Vocabulary Learning beyond the Classroom: A Learner Perspective

Eighth Sharing Session (18 Jun 2021)


Dr Song Yanjie (MIT, EdUHK)

Dr Zou Di (ELE, EdUHK)

Pedagogical design and practice of TELL lessons: What components are involved?

Digital game-based learning of information literacy: Effects of gameplay modes on university students’ learning performance, motivation, self-efficacy and flow experiences

Ninth Sharing Session (17 Sep 2021)


Dr Jung Jookyoung (CUHK)

Dr Ron Darvin (CUHK)

The impact of reading purposes on second language learners’ reading and recall processes

Developing critical digital literacy through genre-based pedagogy

Tenth Sharing Session (20 Oct 2021)


Dr Zhou Lulu Egret (LCS, EdUHK)

Ms Chan Ka Yee Shirley (CLE, EdUHK)

Self-Made Videos: Learning by Having Fun

Creating and incorporating a language learning mobile app: Everyday English in Hong Kong (EEHK) for a language course

Eleventh Sharing Session (25 Nov 2021)


Dr Zhang Ling (CHL, EdUHK)

Ms Keung Shuet Psyche (CLE, EdUHK)

Technology-enhanced in-class assessment with instant feedback in language courses: Applications of Socrative, TEA, and Padlet

Adaptation of videos from popular culture in Putonghua and Cantonese teaching

Twelfth Sharing Session (17 Dec 2021)


Invited Talk Speaker: Prof Lan Yu-ju (National Taiwan Normal University)

Ms Lee Ching Lam (ELE, EdUHK)

Enhancing language learners’ autonomy through creation and exploration in virtual environments

Enhancing learning of academic English with a gamified mobile learning application