Eleventh Sharing Session (25 Nov 2021)

CoP Project Sharing Session Series

Eleventh Sharing Session

Date: 25 November 2021 (Thursday)

Time: 4:00-5:00pm

Mode: Online by ZOOM

First Speaker: Dr Zhang Ling (CHL, EdUHK)

Title: Technology-enhanced in-class assessment with instant feedback in language courses: Applications of Socrative, TEA, and Padlet


In the era of online-teaching and hybrid-teaching, the applications of new technology can help to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of in-class activities. In this sharing session, three online assessment tools with instant feedback are introduced: Socrative, TEA, and Padlet. I will demonstrate how to design in-class exercises for language courses with the assistance of these e-tools. Although they all provide instant-feedback, Socrative, TEA, and Padlet function in different approaches and fit different types of assessment and classroom activities, which will be compared and discussed at the end of the sharing session.


Dr Zhang, Ling (張凌) is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Chinese Language Studies. She is the Programme Leader of BA(TCSL) Programme. In recent years, she has been actively involved in technology-enhanced language learning and teaching activities. She is the Recipient of the Faculty Teaching Award 2020/21, Faculty of Humanities.

Second Speaker: Ms Keung Shuet Psyche (CLE, EdUHK)

Title: Adaptation of videos from popular culture in Putonghua and Cantonese teaching


There are tons of authentic ready-made Putonghua and Cantonese videos on Youtube, Tiktok and Bilibili. By sharing the design of four enhancement courses: Foundation Putonghua, Intermediate Putonghua, Basic Cantonese I and Basic Cantonese II, I try to demonstrate how entertaining Putonghua/Cantonese songs and videos can be transformed and incorporated in Putonghua and Cantonese L2 teaching to enhance students’ speaking skill and cultural awareness.


Psyche Keung is Senior Lecturer II of the Centre of Language in Education, Program Leader of Putonghua Enhancement Program and Head of Putonghua Teaching and Testing Center. Her research interests lie in Teaching Putonghua as Second Language and Teaching Cantonese as Second Language.