Practicing reading & writing skills

Apps designed for practicing reading & writing skills in languages

Name of the App App Image Download Link(s) App Description
ALL+互動英語 All-plus Interactive English with in-depth teaching content, and rich and diverse themes, so that your English will be rooted in depth learning, a large number of reading articles, practical conversations, thematic writing and news and current affairs.
IELTS Reading IELTS Reading app provides real reading tasks and model practice tests with answers, and covers the following reading types:

multiple choice

True/false/not given

short-answer questions

sentence completion

notes, summary, plan, diagram, table or chart completion, classification, &

matching paragraphs.

IELTS Writing The purpose of the IELTS Writing application is to provide helpful and free materials and resources for self-study of IELTS. The application provides an offline mode so you can continue to develop your writing techniques anywhere.

You will have access to interactive preparation materials and relevant samples, which covers writing tests for both IELTS Academic and General Training exams.




Shanbay reading, for you to push the original English essays and originals, it is not only a “learn English” APP, but also an APP to help you start “learning English”.
TOEIC reading

This App provides you a great tool and huge collection of TOEIC reading test that you can use to practice your TOEIC reading skills at anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone.