Tenth Sharing Session (20 Oct 2021)

CoP Project Sharing Session Series

Tenth Sharing Session

Date: 20 October 2021 (Wednesday)

Time: 3:00-4:00pm

Mode: Online by ZOOM

First Speaker: Dr Zhou Lulu Egret (LCS, EdUHK)

Title: Self-Made Videos: Learning by Having Fun


Instead of searching and using already-existing videos online, I make and play self-made educational videos to serve my courses’ learning objectives. While I am the chief coordinator, students play a key role in the processes of video making and reception: (1) they act and participate in shooting; (2) they create bilingual subtitles; (3) they upload videos onto YouTube and write blurbs; (4) they help promote videos; (5) they watch and participate in Q&A sessions of these videos. These videos are highly entertaining and eye-catching, which are results of learning from currently popular YouTubers’ styles.


Dr. Zhou Egret: Assistant Professor, Department of Literature and Cultural Studies; Program Leader, Master of Arts in Chinese Studies (Language Education); Associate Director, Centre for Popular Culture in the Humanities. Her research and teaching interests include popular culture (film, TV dramas, KPOP, celebrity and fandom), and gender studies.

Second Speaker: Ms Chan Ka Yee Shirley (CLE, EdUHK)

Title: Creating and incorporating a language learning mobile app: Everyday English in Hong Kong (EEHK) for a language course


Everyday English in HK (EEHK) is an English learning mobile app providing a platform for daily listening input in the context of Hong Kong so to enhance learners’ listening and speaking skills. The practices in this app are tailor-made and culturally adapted to the history or the daily encounters of Hong Kong, including some common pronunciation or usage matters. Learners are also expected to improve their lexical resources through gaining cultural awareness in learning English naturally in their daily life. This presentation will share how this app was incorporated in an English course to extend learning beyond the classroom.


Ms. Chan Ka Yee Shirley is the Lecturer at the Centre for Language in Education at The Education University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include technology-mediated language learning, and assessment for learning. She is currently participated actively in projects related to technology in teaching.