Practicing listening & speaking skills in languages

Apps designed for practicing listening & speaking skills in languages

Name of the App App Image Download Link(s) App Description
Bravolol image Through this foreign language conversation set, you can learn a foreign language with a parrot that knows a foreign language. No matter when or where you are, the parrot will practice your reading and listening skills with you, and you will find it so easy to learn a foreign language! When you want to talk to a new foreign friend, you can have the parrot work for you, playing out pre-recorded phrases to break the diaphragm and open the conversation.
DK15 Minute Language Course image

The ideal language course for beginners, the 15-Minute language series will teach you how to speak a new language in just 12 weeks. The App is for anyone who wants to learn a new Language fast, enabling learners to hear words and phrases spoken by native speakers. You can perfect your pronunciation by recording your own voice and comparing it against the native speakers.
Italki image

Italki was created for everyone who loves language learning. A one-stop foreign language learning platform, whether you want to improve spoken foreign languages, word pronunciation, or understand foreign culture, learn a new language, you can find suitable teachers and learning partners to grow with you.
IELTS Listening image IELTS Listening is a free application for everyone who wants to improve IELTS LISTENING:

– 3 levels in IELTS Listening. Each level has 34 lessons.

IELTS Speaking image If you’d like to get an idea of how well you respond to IELTS Speaking questions, try to learn from this application. In this application, you’ll find all sorts of speaking questions, topics, vocabularies, tips and sample tests that will help you to improve your speaking skills for the exam.
LEB English image Learn English for real.
Open Language image开言英语openlanguage/id995158649

A situational dialogue APP created by a professional teaching and research team of the Columbia University. The English learning system is designed to suit Asian users. Learners can access unlimited listening to the 1500-plus authentic practical courses.
Tandem – Language Exchange image

Tandem is a language exchange community. Take your language learning to the next level and team up with a native speaker to practice languages. Find your Tandem partner, start chatting, and speak your way to fluency! You can learn languages by chatting with native speakers on Tandem for FREE!
TOEIC listening image


This app is to provide you a huge number of practices with full of listening skills like Picture Description, Questions & Responses, Short Conversations and Short Talks. We believe that you can get your highest score on TOEIC listening actual test after practicing all of our practices.
英語流利說 image英语流利说-让你忍不住开口说英语/id597364850 Fluent in English is an effective spoken English learning software, so that you “can’t help but speak English”!
每日法語聽力 image每日法语听力-入门法语学习必备/id570117368

Daily French listening, built for French learners, listen carefully and help you learn French better.
粵語流利說 image粤语流利说-粤语学习快速入门/id977064035 After the learners have used this app, they can usually learn Cantonese quickly in 1 month.

For 5 minutes a day, you can also watch Hong Kong opera and sing K songs without any obstacles.

For 3 months, you can speak Cantonese fluently.