Second Sharing Session (14 Oct 2020)

CoP Project Sharing Session Series

Second Sharing Session

Date: 14 October 2020 (Wednesday)

Time: 10:00-11:00 am

Mode: Online via ZOOM

Speaker: Ms Mao Qunfan Desiree  (EdUHK)

Title: Holistic flipped classroom model in ELT: Exploring learner engagement and autonomy in an English enhancement course for early childhood education pre-service teachers

Abstract: Despite the success of flipped classroom approach in developing students’ autonomy and higher-order thinking in many theory-based disciplines, research on its effectiveness in English language teaching (ELT) is limited. This study aims to examine the holistic flipped classroom model (HFC) by Chen et al. (2014) within the field of English language teaching. Based on the generic HFC model, three key components for ELT – an authentic or near-authentic language learning community, flipped teaching, project-based assessment – were identified and integrated in an English enhancement course themed on storytelling for Early Childhood Education pre-service teachers. The effectiveness of each component with respect to learner engagement and autonomy were examined. Findings showed that the revised HFC model for English language teaching was effective. Students reported higher motivation in enhancing English speaking skills and increased confidence in English storytelling.


Speaker: Ms Alice Moulimois (EdUHK)

Title: French Level 1 mini-MOOC: sharing on blended teaching and learning

Abstract: The Department of Linguistics and Modern Language studies has developed a mini-MOOC package for blended learning in French as a Foreign Language at beginner’s level (LIN1014, French level I). In this presentation, the purpose of this project will be explained, and an overview of the package hosted on Open EdX will be provided. Users’ feedback and instructor’s reflections on teaching and learning will be shared, based on a first trial in the summer of 2020, along with plans for improvement.