Visualization of Common Mandarin Tone Problems by Hong Kong Cantonese Speakers

We summarized common tone problems based on speech data in the corpus. Pitch values for salient tone problems were measured using praat and plotted into tone contours. This section provides Mandarin teachers with in-depth and authentic visual presentation of tone problems produced by Hong Kong Cantonese learners of Mandarin. Instead of determining learners’ tone problems relying on listening, which is abstract, teachers can refer to the concrete visualization of tone to identify learner problems and facilitate their own teaching.

Access Tone Visualization

Corpus-based Pronunciation Teaching Framework

We developed a corpus-based pronunciation teaching framework as a guidance of integrating our corpus into Mandarin classrooms to enhance effectiveness of language teaching and learning.

Corpus-based Mandarin Training Materials

Teachers are encouraged to integrate the ready-made corpus-based Mandarin pronunciation teaching materials into their classrooms. Target sounds of teaching include: ‘z’, ‘c’, ‘s’, ‘zh’, ‘p’, ‘eng’, ‘ue’, ‘uan’, ‘ia’, ‘in’, four Mandarin citation tones, neutral tone, and tone combinations in disyllabic words.

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