The spoken corpus of Hong Kong learners of Mandarin is the core of the learning platform. The main goal of the corpus is to raise the awareness of Mandarin learners, both in Hong Kong and overseas, of their own pronunciation problems and to enhance their active engagement in their Mandarin learning process.

The spoken corpus provides 40 sets of high-quality recordings of monosyllabic words, multisyllabic words, passages, and free speech. In addition to authentic speech data, annotations in broad transcription of both segmental and suprasegmental errors of the speech data and orthographical transcriptions are also accessible and available to all learners, teachers and researchers. The current corpus has the following characteristics:

1. It provides high-quality recordings that are ideally suited for phonetic and acoustic analysis by researchers around the world.

2. It produces recordings and phonological annotations that are easily accessible and immediately available to all learners, teachers, and researchers.

3. It provides a platform for learners to discover linguistic features on their own and to enhance their active engagement in their own learning.

4. It describes the distinctive linguistic features of Mandarin production by Hong Kong university students.

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