The corpus-based Mandarin pronunciation learning platform was developed to provide authentic spoken data from Hong Kong learners and phonological features by which both Mandarin learners and teachers can access real speech data and scientific descriptions.

The platform also consists of three interrelated components apart from the core corpus: a) online pronunciation practices specifically designed for Hong Kong learners, b) useful resources for Mandarin pronunciation learning and teaching, including an introduction of Chinese phonology, recommended learning websites, online videos, and online dictionaries, and c) a Praat beginners’ manual for learners to practice Mandarin pronunciation with hands-on acoustic analysis techniques.

Figure 1. Structure of the learning system

Principal investigator: Dr. CHEN Hsueh Chu

Co-supervisors: Dr. WANG, Lixun; Ms. KEUNG Shuet

Research assistants: Ms. Han Qianwen, Veronica; Ms. Yeung Chi Yin, Zinnia; Ms. Xu Xinxin; Ms. Liu Han

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