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Teacher Training Programme

A corpus-aided teacher training programme was delivered to pre- and in-service language teachers at the Education University of Hong Kong  in Oct-Nov, 2019. Training materials are provided in this webpage for free access.

The training programme tends to help language teachers to:

  1. discover common pronunciation features produced by non-Chinese (e.g. Southeast Asian speakers), mainland Chinese and Cantonese speakers of English and reflect on their own pronunciation;
  2. identify recurrent segmental and suprasegmental difficulties in learners’ English pronunciation with different language backgrounds; and
  3. understand possible remedies that may reduce or eliminate English pronunciation difficulties and raise awareness of the issues on achieving a native-like pronunciation or a comfortable, intelligible accent.

Workshop I

  • Definition of Corpus, Spoken Corpus types
  • Overview of Phonetics and Phonology
  • Pronunciation features
  • Our corpus
  • Selected findings from corpus-based research

Online Lesson I

  • Main functions of our corpus
  • In-service teachers’ intelligibility and pronunciation adjustment strategies in English language classrooms

Workshop II

  • Hands-on practice of corpus concordances
  • Understanding acoustic properties of the suprasegmental features
  • Integration of corpus data into pronunciation teaching

Workshop III

  • the corpus-aided pronunciation teaching framework
  • ready-made corpus-aided lesson plans and teaching materials on the learning platform
  • expected product, structure, and rubrics for the lesson plan competition
  • Identify the key components for your own lesson plan

Online Lesson II

  • Sample lesson design
  • Peer comments on lesson design
  • Development of lesson plans teaching materials for primary and secondary students

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