Data Collection: Subjects

'English-knowing' multilinguals from ASEAN + 3 (China, Korea, Japan) [including English L1 Singaporeans, Filipinos etc]
High proficiency in English required (self-evaluation)
Where possible 'external' native speakers excluded.

Role of the data collector
As an observer where they remain silent, record the conversation and take notes (preferred).
As a participant when they are involved in the discussion (not preferred).

Sample header of a transcript
Short title: HKCONF Q & A
Date of event: 20100419
Duration of whole recording: 00:14:41
Transcript duration: 00:14:33
Transcription by: JP
Number of words transcribed: 2,471
Last transcription date: 20100506
Time required for transcription:

Transcriber notes
S1 - Hong Kong Chinese male. First language Cantonese
S2 - Singapore Chinese male. Fist language Mandarin Chinese. Other languages include English and French
S3 - Australian female. First language English. Other languages include French, German, Italian (Cantonese)

Types of setting in ACE
Education 25%
Leisure 10%
Professional business 20%
Professional organisation 35%
Professional research/science 10%