You can have various self-access learning activities simply by clicking the links below:

2. IPA Transcription

As there are more than 10 subfolders under the folder of IPA transcription learning material, we have prepared a .zip file (IPA transcription learning for you to download in one go. When you unzip the downloaded .zip file,  a folder called IPA transcription learning material will be created. The contents of this folder are the same as those of the folder called IPA transcription learning material shown above.

3. Phonetic Quiz

This folder consists of 3 quizzes for your practice before the first exam. The first quiz focuses on phonics, and the second and third on IPA. These quizzes aim at helping you become more familiar with the concept and knowledge introduced in the course, and be better prepared for the coming examination.

*Make sure you work on the tasks first BEFORE you retrieve the suggested answers.

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