About.com—Pronunciation Techniques


The website provides some articles and pronunciation practice on different aspects of pronunciation, like stress, intonation, and the segmental parts. Lesson plans focusing on pronunciation for teachers are also available on this website.

ESL Pronunciation Work Page


It is an ESL pronunciation work page, providing a list of online learning activities with the teaching materials and assignments, as well as a list of recommended pronunciation training software.

Sounds of English


This website includes a number of useful links on pronunciation learning, pictures, sounds, and videos to help you with English pronunciatio. It also provides activities and exercises for English pronunciation and listening, along with handouts, guides and tips for teachers

ESL Independent Study Lab-Pronunciation


This website compiled the best Internet resources for ESL/EFL students. All Web sites are clearly annotated. The strength of this website is the learning materials and resources (website recommendations) are arranged according to students’ levels (beginner/advanced beginner, intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced).

Rachel’s YouTube Channel


This YouTube Channel contains a lot of video classes made by Rachel to teach students how to pronounce American English  in real life situations.

Teacher Melanie’s YouTube Channel


This YouTube Channel contains a lot of video classes made by Melanie demonstrating how to pronounce American English.



This website provides some videos of American English pronunciation lessons made by an ESL teacher Melanie.

English Pronunciation/Listening from Okanagan University


This website contains abundant pronunciation training activities including videos of the mouth, teeth and tongue in the correct positions, as well as audios for minimal pairs, tongue twisters and dialogues.

The speech accent archive by Steven


The Foreign Accent Archive provides a great resource for examining accented English and predicting pronunciation problems. The speech accent archive uniformly presents a large set of speech samples from a variety of language backgrounds. Native and non-native speakers of English read the same paragraph and are carefully transcribed. The archive is used by people who wish to compare and analyze the accents of different English speakers.

EnglishClub.com Pronunciation for ESL learners


This website offers pronunciation lessons and exercises from various aspects of pronunciation training, ranging from the basic concepts of English sound system and clear explanation of pronunciation terms to useful exercises for both students and teachers, If users have questions about English pronunciation, they can ask a question at their discussion forum.

BBC Learning English—Pronunciation tips


In this website, pronunciation tips, videos, quizzes, activities, and program downloads are provided to practice English pronunciations.

Pronunciation Lessons Developed by HKUST


There are 20 lessons on English pronunciation and 20 pieces of further practice on the most confusing pairs, like /l/and / n/, and /Q/and /e/ in this website. Each lesson introduces an aspect of English pronunciation and ends with short tasks for practice. This website is developed by HKUST with a special focus on ESL learners in Hong Kong.



This is an English pronunciation learning website developed by Hong Kong Polytechnic University, which includes sections like the English sound system, the pronunciation rules and also some remedial practices for students.

 To Learn English.com


This website contains many recommended video lessons, interesting games and exercises for pronunciation learning and teaching.

Pronunciation of English Vowels with Jennifer ESL


This YouTube page contains a list of videos introducing how to pronounce English vowels produced by Jennifer.

Language Avenue—English Tongue Twisters


This website provides some English tongue twisters that are great for helping students practice the difference between confusing sound pairs, like “th” and “s”.

Alpha Dictionary.com

A list of the most often mispronounced words in English

Austin’s TESOL Blog


This site provides abundant resources for pronunciation learning, like videos, games, and useful links.

ESL Pronunciation Work Page


It is an ESL Pronunciation Work Page with many lesson materials and exercises.

Vowel Spotting


This program is designed to help you learn the spelling to sound correspondences for vowels of General British English



This website provides various pronunciation lesson resources based on different topics, like linking, word stress, and schwa in English.



The website contains pronunciation worksheets, activities and exercise for pronunciation learning. For teachers, this website also provides ESL tips for teaching pronunciation.

Free Pronunciation Worksheet


This is a website where you can find a lot of pronunciation teaching worksheets.

British English Pronunciation by Linguaspectrum


This is a YouTube page which contains a serious of video lessons about the British English pronunciation

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