This website was developed by  Dr. Chen, Hsueh Chu, Rebecca and her research team in the Education University of Hong Kong, aiming to help learners, teachers, and researchers at EdUHK as well as those from the outside community gain a better understanding of the major pronunciation problems of Hong Kong and Mainland English learners.

A spoken corpus of Hong Kong and Mainland students has been established and analyzed in order to

(a) identify Hong Kong and Mainland university students’ recurrent difficulties in  English pronunciation learning

(b) suggest possible remedies that may reduce or eliminate such difficulties



Research Team

Principal Project Supervisor: CHEN Hsueh Chu, Rebecca
Co-supervisors: WANG Li Xun, CHAN WONG Pui Man Jennie, CHAN Ka Yin, CHEE, Epin

Research Assistants: WANG Qian, Bobbie; HAN Qian Wen, Veronica; ZHOU Xiao Na, Tina



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